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Jalapeno Satin Recipes

Jalapeño Satin is great on: Corn on the cob, Your favorite cornbread, Grilled meats, Vegetables, or……..Anything you can imagine! My favorite: Jalapeño Satin Cheese Snacks Take your favorite cracker, spread some cream cheese generously and drizzle some slightly warmed Jalapeño Satin. Enjoy!! Use your imagination and when you come up with your fantastic Jalapeño Satin […]

Cinnamon Satin Recipe

Cinnamon Satin is our “Cinnamon Roll in a Jar”! Spread it generously on warm toast for Cinnamon Toast ( no butter or sugar!). Or fill up those nooks and crannies of your warm, yummy English Muffin or spread on a hot, flaky biscuit. Breakfast is served! Try Cinnamon Satin in a steamy cup of Orange […]