From our hive to yours!

We are a family-owned and operated honey company. We offer a unique selection of local, raw wildflower honey, our spreadable Satin Honeys, handmade beeswax candles and soaps.

ANNOUNCING A NEW PRODUCT AT DEBEEZE                                                              I’m pleased to offer     Divine Energy Farms Microgreens.

These are organic, hydroponically grown microgreens from right here in Pine, CO. I’ll carry several varieties in the Debeeze cooler (with the candy), or you can pre-order on the Divine Energy website:   303-674-0763

   Be sure to indicate “local pick-Up – Bailey location”


We are pleased to announce our 6 Year Anniversary this Summer at Debeeze! 

Thank you to all our loyal customers and friends for supporting us for over 5 years!